Wednesday 5 October 2016

Keep your Service Directory valid

To day I ran into a trap that trapped me before...

I tried to edit a file adapter service in SOA/BPM QuickStart 12.2.1. And got the error 'Service Directory is not valid' in a pop-up dialog, that prevents me from editing.

The problem is described in this forum thread.

The problem is a space in the path to the JDeveloper project. Now spaces are a drag in filenames and paths (I hate it that Microsoft Windows introducced "Program Files" as the default folder for installing applications).

The solution is in Windows quite simple actually: create a substitute drive like:
echo define drive S: referring to current folder
subst s: /d
subst s: "d:\Data\svn\Applicatie Integration"

Put this in a .bat file and run it before starting JDeveloper and load the application workspaces from the S: drive.

I had this already in place because of my first run into this trap. Why I tripped again? It turned out I accidentally had opened the application from the d: drive again...

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