Wednesday 12 October 2016

OTN Appreciation Day: - the day after - BPEL, SOASuite and SCA (in that order...)

Unfortunately I noticed this nice initiative only yesterday: OTN Appreciation Day. I did not had a change to cook something up, but I do like to add some mustard after the meal, as we say in Dutch.

In the titles of the 'OTN Appreciation Day'-blogs I miss BPEL. In 2004,when Oracle acquired Collaxa, I worked at Oracle Consulting in the Netherlands. I worked with Oracle Workflow and Interconnect. Oracle wasn't yet into SOA really. But with BPEL PM they acquired the tool that stood at the base of SOA Suite, together with Webservices Manager and what we now know as the Mediator. And it changed my professional life, really. Its extremely powerful, especially with the added  JCA Adapters, xslt-mapper, and since 11g the SCA architecture wich enables you to assemble composite applications with Adapters BusinessRules, Human Workflow, Mediator, Spring Components and of course ... BPEL 2.0.

Sorry, Tim, for being late.