Thursday 16 July 2009

Download Oracle Forms 11g Software

This day I decided to install Oracle Forms 11G on my laptop. First step:
Download the software. Usually this is the easiest part. Just go to otn
go to Developer Tools and choose traditional tools.

Following a few links I got to the following page:

So far so good. Normally I would get suspicious (Fusion Middleware??) but the phrase (contains forms 11.1.1.) gave me confidence.
Next page:

Now I was confused. In my opnion Oracle Forms is a development tool, but the For Development section says: Jdeveloper+ADF. Where can I download Oracle Forms? As there was only one valid option (forms is not for deployment ?) I decided to download and install

Oracle JDeveloper 11g Rel 1 ( (JDeveloper + ADF)

After download and install I got exactly what Oracle said I would get: Jdeveloper + ADF. No Oracle Forms. (Afterwards this was ok, I had not installed Jdeveloper11g yet)
After some surfing on OTN I could not found another download area with Oracle Forms so I decided to navigate back to the fusion middleware page. Finally I decided to push the download button in the For Deployment section and to my big surprise there was a link to download Oracle Forms:

I probably was not the only one that could not find the software. See Jan Carlin's blog:


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your feedback on the download locations of Oracle Forms. I have updated the page you come to from the Forms page on OTN with instructions that should make this less confusing. Let me know if you have any comments.
Regards, Jan Carlin
Principal Product Manager, Oracle Forms

Anonymous said...

Thanks, that posting was a big help, as I felt slightly confused when trying to lay my hands on Forms 11g.

Anonymous said...

but i did not find a support for 64bit win7 in the web logic page