Monday 20 August 2012

Change Subversion Password in Jdeveloper 11g

At one of my customers I use JDeveloper 11g also as a subversion client. It is actually my first experience of the SVN implementation of JDeveloper, because I'm not able to install a tool like TortoiseSVN on this computer.

I'm pretty positive on the svn-client in Jdev. But unfortunately I haven't found any means to change the password in the UI. At this customer my windows-password has to be changed monthly, and the svn-password depends on it.

Jdeveloper stores the subversion connect info in the file

(where "system11." depends on the Jdeveloper build).
The file looks like:
<?xml version = '1.0' encoding = 'UTF-8'?>
<svn-repositories xmlns="">
      <alias>Application Trunk</alias>
Remarkable is the version number in the namespace (1013), since it really comes from my Jdev11g install.

When you first create the connection and give in your username/password via the UI, the password will be stored in here encrypted. But you can also give in an unencrypted password. So I entered my new password in plain format. And it works.

I haven't found how I can encrypt the password, what would, of course, be better. If anyone has a tip, then I'm interested.

You can also rename or delete the file,  then JDeveloper will ask for the new server connection.

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