Wednesday 7 January 2015

Change Subversion password in Jdeveloper

On most projects I used TortoiseSVN voor versioning with Subversion. It gives me a feeling of being more in control of my working copy. In the past I used JDevelopers built in versioning tool on a project, due to lack of administrator rights for installing Tortoise. And although you need to give it some time to get used to it, the versioning is pretty good actually.

On my current project I gave it a go again, since the customer is used to do versioning from inside the IDE (be it Eclipse or JDeveloper).

One thing that I remember to be hard to do was changing your subversion password. I remember that I could not find it in Jdeveloper 11g. And again in Jdeveloper 12c it was hard to find as well. So I started getting affraid to have to hack in the preference or property files. But it turns out that you can do it pretty easy from the tool. Be it that it is at a less obvious place.

In Jdeveloper go to the Team menu and choose Versions.

It will open the Versions Browser or Navigator:
You can right click on the particular connection (in my example the blurred one):

And here you can change your password.
You can also add or remove repository connections, import and export them. Which is handy because in SQLDeveloper there's also a Subversion client. Of course, since it's based on the same framework.

Some versioning features I'm happy about in JDeveloper:
  • The pending changes tools is neat: it gives a nice overview of pending changes divided over tabs with incoming outgoing (your own changes), (updates from coworkers), and candidates (added files that are not versioned yet)
  • Integrated in project navigator in JDeveloper, where you can do changes on file, project and application level.
I'm less happy about or getting used to:
  • Versioning functionality is pretty much scattered over the IDE in different context menu's. Not only because of the different versioning levels, but the preferences are done at different places. See the Versions Navigator above, but I tend to search for preferences in the Preferences menu.
  • There are folders that you don't want to have versioned, for example: files generated at build like compiled classes, processes and jar/war/ear files. You want to be able to set the 'svn:ignore' property for those. But those folders and files tend to be invisible in the project navigator. So you have to add the parent folders of those files and folders as a resource, set the property, commit and remove them as a resource again. 
  • When I want to set keywords (like Id, author, etc.) for svn keyword replacement, JDeveloper doesn't know of the possible values. 
But for most jobs the SVN integration is impressing complete.

Happy versioning in JDeveloper!

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