Thursday 22 November 2007

Oracle 10gR2 database on Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.0

Yesterday I started installing Oracle 10gR2 on Oracle Enterprise Linux.
I happen to have created a Virtual Machine (on VMWare Server) with Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.0. This one I had available at the moment, I did not have a clean VM with RedHat Enterprise Linux 4.0.
The problem you'll encounter then is that according to the Oracle Universal Installer the database is not certified on Oracle Enterprise Linux.

You can solve this by starting the installer with:
./runInstaller -ignoreSysPrereqs
It is then very important to check the prerequisites according to the InstallGuide or via Note:419646.1: Requirements For Installing Oracle 10gR2 On RHEL/OEL 5 (x86) on Metalink.

Happy installing.

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