Wednesday 9 July 2008

Total Commander, Irfanview, Notepad++ and Open Workbench in Wine

A few weeks ago I installed Wine Doors, that helps you with installing Windows applications under Wine. I found that it should install Total Commander, my favorite File management tool under Windows. I work with it for years, even bought a license for it. Unfortunately there is a bug in Wine-doors so that Total Commander and also Irfanview do not install correctly.
Luckily it is not to hard to install those tools by hand.

First Totalcommander. Download it from: Then start the installer by typing 'wine tcmdr703.exe' in the terminal. Or start tcmdr703.exe with wine.
This installs Total commander in the default wine-bottle. By default Total Commander installs in the c:\totalcmd folder. I don't like that, so I always change it to c:\Program Files\totalcmd.
The installer then turns out have difficulties in creating the menu-items. So you have to take care with that yourself. The command that you should provide in the menu-item is: 'wine ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/totalcmd/TOTALCMD.EXE'.

Irfanview was my favorite Graphics viewer under windows. It's nice to have it under Linux too.
To install irfanview is also easy. You could install it the same way you did with TotalCommander. But I found it easier to start TotalCommander and then just doubleclick on the irfanview installer. Easy does it.

The same counts for Open Workbench. Besides Microsoft Project (that is licensed) Open workbench is the only serious project managers tool that I know. I tried a few Linux tools (Ganttproject, KPlato) but they lack some basic functionalities. Like give in how much a task costs in terms of hours and doing baselining, scheduling etc. Ganttproject however does have an export to Microsoft Project, but I did not try that. It's in java so it should work in Linux aswell as under Windows (a bat file is provided).
To install Open workbench is also very simple. Double click on it from Total Commander. It appears neatly in your menu. You should also install a Java Runtime Engine. I just installed JRE 6 update 7 from For me there is no need to install the complete jdk. That I have available under Linux. After installing that one under Wine Open Workbench starts fine.

Now I tried to install Notepad++. A fine ascii-editor that is much more usefull then Notepad and a real advantage to have it the default editor of Total Commander.
I first tried the new 5.0 version but that aborts with an exception. But the previous version 4.9.2 works fine.

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