Friday 8 June 2012

Subversion Id in your SOASuite service

Wouldn't it be nice to see what particular version you have deployed on your SOASuite test or production environment. How often does it occur that you thought you solved a problem but it still does not work on test or production. And after doing loads of tests and investigation you encounter that not the version you expected was deployed?

This week I tried to add the svn Id keyword in a piece of comments in the WSDL of the service. But it turns out that at deployment the SOASuite filters out the comments. So that won't work.
But since I'm writing this blog you might expect I found a trick...

First add the svn keywords  to the files you want to have the properties in. In this particular case it would be the service wsdl. This can be done with Tortoise SVN by right clicking the file, and choose TortoiseSVN->Properties. Then clicking the new button you can choose for Keywords:

 After that you can check the SVN properties you like to use. For most cases ID gives you all the info you need.
 Clicking OK will get you back to the properties screen, where you'll see:

Mark that in the list of checkboxes the Id-keyword is all in capitals, while in the comma-seperated list of keywords in the properties pane, the Id-property is in the correct spelling (one capital I).
The trick is to add the property as a namespace declaration as:

After a SVN-commit this will expand to:
  xmlns:svnid="$Id: ImportEquipment.wsdl 765 2012-06-08 13:07:10Z makker $"
Like such:

The reason I added a "version" namespace as well is that your wsdl will not change every time the service changes. Often you change a bit of BPEL or XSL or something like that, while your interface, the wsdl, stays unchanged. To force SVN increase the revisionid in your wsdl, you can change the xmlns:version namespace.

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