Wednesday 31 October 2012

JDeveloper 11g: Wrong Component Types in project

Did you encounter it as well? You're working wih a SOA-project within JDeveloper 11g and suddenly you see that there are componenttypes in your project (within the application navigator) that do not belong to your project. Componenttypes of  mostly BPEL components that are from other projects, even in other applications (.jws).

I encountered this in both Jdeveloper 11g PS4 ( ) and PS5 ( But probably because I work with those now more intensively. Probably this occurs in earlier versions too.

Now, I found that it is probably a bug in JDeveloper because sometimes I work within a component, say a BPEL process, and go in the application navigator to another project to look something up. To see how I did it in that project or how a particular xsd looks like. Then I work further, but the Application Navigator is open in that other project. JDeveloper apparently looses track of the actual source folder and writes the changes in my component in to that other project. I assume it is when you add a partnerlink, eg. an adapter, where the component type has to be changed with references.

Until now I just deleted those "wandering" component types. And found no problems or inconsistencies in the original/correct componenttypes within their projects.
But I hope this bug is solved.
Maybe someone that reads this and can file a bug within Oracle could do so? I would be greatfull. For the rest be carefull...

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