Tuesday 13 October 2015

SOA BPM 12c Bundelpatches

Earlier this year I wrote about some bugs and patches on SOA & BPM suite, I experienced, and the recommended patches I extracted from that journey. A few weeks ago I found that Jan van Zoggel wrote about the latest bundlepatches on SOA and BPM 12c.

It turns out that there are now 4 Bundlepatches:

  • Bundle patch 1: Patch 19707784: SOA/BPM Bundle Patch
  • Bundle patch 2: Patch 20423408: SOA/BPM Bundle Patch
  • Bundle patch 3 for SOA: Patch 20900599: SOA Bundle Patch
  • Bundle patch 3 for BPM: Patch 20645340: BPM Bundle Patch
Jan mentioned that the both BP3's conflict with each other according to OPatch. So I assume that if you installed the SOA Quickstart you use the BP3 for SOA, and the BPM variant for the BPM Quickstart.

On downloading the Bundle patch 3 for BPM on support.oracle.com, I got the message that it was supersededby Patch 21640312: BPM Bundle Patch, per 21-Aug-2015.
However for the Bundle patch 3 for SOA (20900599) I could not found an upgrade-patch yet.

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