Wednesday 25 February 2015

BPM12c Quickstart "invalid oramds url" solved; recommended patches

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I ran into a bug relating an invalid MDS url while trying to create an XSL based on the Case.xsd.

Just this morning got a notification on my Service Request that there is a patch for an invalid MDS url while creating an XSLT based on the Case management XSD: 19775314. There are two versions of the patch: one for the and one for for homes that have the bundle patch applied.

I tried the second one on my BPM QuickStart home that was patched with the bundle patch.

So currently the recommended patches on the BPM QuickStart are:
  • 20163149: (dataobject assignment lost after dehydration), this is mentioned as a prerequesite to the bundle patch, as alternative to the wrongly mentioned patch in the Readme.
  • 19707784: SOA Bundle Patch
  • 20440332: Initiator task form does not shown up on workspace and task is auto approved
  • 19775314: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Invalid url ERROR WHEN CREATING TRANSFORMATION (Patch) 
  • 19706799: db adapter wizard mappings and xsd file creation does not trigger event in win (Patch); choose the version.

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