Friday 18 March 2016

BPM QuickStart 12c on Windows 10

As many people probably did, I upgraded my laptop to Windows 10. Actually after that I re-installed even windows 10, since I installed an SSD drive (a Samsung EVO 850, which is really fast).

Earlier I wrote about installing SOA/BPM QuickstartInstaller, using silent install. All goes well, but where in 12.1.3 you actually can succesfully create a domain, with 12.2.1 you can't. I don't know why I got it working with 12.1.3, but I found why it doesn't in 12.2.1.

I turns out to be a recurring problem that also arose in JDeveloper 11g and it is caused by jython being not able to recognize the OS.

If you open the jython-modules.jar that can be found here %FMW_HOME%\wlserver\common\wlst\modules, then you'll find a 'Lib' folder with in it the file You can open the jar file using an archiver, I used my favorite tool TotalCommander, with the key-combi <CTRL>-<PgDn>.

Copy the file out of it and find the part '_osTypeMap' and add the string 'Windows 10' to the 'nt' list:

_osTypeMap = (
        ( "nt", ( 'nt', 'Windows NT', 'Windows NT 4.0', 'WindowsNT',
                  'Windows 2000', 'Windows 2003', 'Windows XP', 'Windows CE',
                  'Windows Vista', 'Windows Server 2008', 'Windows 7', 'Windows 8', 
                  'Windows Server 2012', 'Windows 10' )),
        ( "dos", ( 'dos', 'Windows 95', 'Windows 98', 'Windows ME' )),
        ( "mac", ( 'mac', 'MacOS', 'Darwin' )),
        ( "None", ( 'None', )),

Just copy it back in to the jar file, overwriting the older version. By the way, although I found out earlier that the fault was in the jython install, the real thanks should go to Christos Vezalis, for his great explanation and the actual solution (I did not know what the string should be).

By the way, this same solution works for JDeveloper 12c as well.

Update dd. september 25th 2016: apparently there's a patch for this now. Read ' Unable to start the JDeveloper Integrated WebLogic server in on Windows 10, 'Failed to get environment' (Doc ID 2123739.1)'. The patch is 22138883, that solves just that. Found this in an answer by Anshul on the community forum.


Fernando Harris said...

Hello guys, I'm using Jdev 12.1.3 and QuickStart 12.1.3 and I'm getting this same issue. I can't find the Lib folder and .py file you've mentioned in your post! Appreciate some help please! Any thoughts ??? ;) Thanks. Fernando

Anonymous said...

Hi Fernando,

This does not count for 12.1.3. I could do a correct install and domain config on Windows 10 without any problems, with that version.

But check you java version (12.1.3 only supports java 7). And please post your question on the SOA Suite forum on

Then I'll probably see it too. Then elaborate on errors you experiencing.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the quick solution. I faced same problem with SOA12.2.1 quick install on Windows10. after implementing above workaround it worked.