Monday 11 June 2018

Add Weblogic12c Vagrant project

Last week I proudly presented a talk on  how to create, provision and maintain VMs with Vagrant, including installing Oracle software (Database, FusionMiddlware,etc.). It was during the nlOUG Tech Experience 18.  I've written about it in the last few posts.

Today I added my WLS12c Vagrant project to Github. Based on further insights I refactored my database12c installation a bit and pushed an updated Database12c Vagrant project to Github as well.

Main updates are that I disliked the 'Zipped' subfolder in the stage folder paths for the installations. And I wanted all the installations extracted into the same main folder. Then I can clean that up more easily.

You should check the references to the stage folder. Download the appropriate Oracle installer zip files and place them in the appropriate folder:

Coming up: a SOA 12c (including SOA, BPM and OSB) complete with creation of the domain (based on my scripts from 2016 and my TechExperience talk of last year), and configuration of nodemanager. Ready to start up after 'up'.

I also uploaded my slides of my talk to slideshare:

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