Monday 27 August 2018

OracleJET at the #PaaSSummerCamp

Today the Oracle OPN #PaaSSummerCamp is started. And I have the privilege to join @GeertjanW to kick-off the Application Development and containers track with an OracleJET training.

OracleJET is Oracle's JavaScript Extension Toolkit, that bundles popular JavaScript frameworks in a toolkit (not a framework) that allows you to QuickStart a JavaScript project.

One of the advantages is that you don't have to bother about which Frameworks you should use and how to setup your project. Geertjan cooked up a workshop with a series of labs that introduces you to OracleJET up to the point that you have a working CRUD (Create, Retrieve, Update and Delete enabled) application.

It's all on GitHub and the nice thing is: you can do the labs too, even if you weren't able to come to the Beautiful Lisbon area and attend the #PaaSSummerCamp. You even don't need to go to Oracle OpenWorld to do this workshop, because it all can be found here. You'll learn how to quickly build a OracleJET 5.2.0 based application.

What do you need? Well, not much. A laptop or desktop computer will help of course. The lab will support you in installing:

  • npm 5.6.0
  • a json-server REST/JSON Mock server
  • ojet 5.2.0 command line interface
You can use any IDE or source editor you want, for instance Notepad or Notepad++, IntelliJ or JDeveloper if you like. But I found Netbeans 8.2 very convenient for OJET Development. Note that Oracle is handing over Netbeans to the Apache Foundation, where NetBeans 9.0 just have been released.

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