Wednesday 20 August 2008

OpenSuse 10.3 Suspend to Disk breaks after Update

In Short:
After updating the DirectFB package the Splashy package is uninstalled. This breaks the suspend to disk functionality. Reinstalling the Splashy package again (and thus downgrading the DirectFB package), repairs the Suspend to disk.

Last weekend I worked away my backlog on optional updates for my OpenSuse 10.3 installation. Yes indeed, I'm not on 11, since my current installation works neatly. I've seen that Ubuntu can upgrade with the update-functionality. That would be nice for Open Suse too.

But anyway, doing this updating I hit a problem I had before and indeed solved before but forgot about. My suspend to disk functionality broke. Looking in the /var/log/pm-suspend.log learned that the library was missing. I looked it up in the Software Management, by looking for an rpm that provides this library. This turns out to be the Splashy package (A complete user-space boot splash system, version 0.3.3-45.2). So I installed it. Apparently it has a dependency on the DirectFB package ( a graphical library for FrameBuffer devices), version 1.0.0.-66, while the available version is: 1.1.1-32.1.

My conclusion:
Updating DirectFB makes the Splashy package apparently obsolete. That is, it seems that the repository finds that. Installing Splashy downgrades DirectFB. So the DirectFB optional update should not be accepted if Suspend to disk is a desired functionality.

My Suspend to disk works again, fortunately. I'm glad, since it saves me some minutes when I leave my work for the train. Having me back working in the train in a minute.

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