Wednesday 29 October 2014

BPM & SOA Application missing in JDeveloper 12c gallery

A few weeks ago I did a BPM12c Quickstart Installation under Oracle Linux 6. Everything went smoothly, as described in the install guide as well as on many blogs already.
But I found that most of those blogs did an installation under Windows, where I did it under Oracle Linux in Virtualbox.

You would think (as I did) that it shouldn't matter. However, it turns out that in JDeveloper I was missing the 'BPM Application' amongst others in the JDeveloper New Gallery. Very inconvenient. I couldn't find any hints on the big internet. My friend Google wasn't very helpful in this.

But I wouldn't write this blog if I did not solve it. It turns out that with an update I got it solved.

It turns out that I lacked the 'Spring & Oracle Weblogic SCA' extension. Using the Help->Update functionality I downloaded and installed that and after restarting JDeveloper my 'New Gallery' was properly filled.

For those not so familiar with the JDeveloper update mechanism, here a step by step guide:
  1. Choose Help->Update:
  2.  Leave the Update Centers checked as default and click Next:
  3. Check 'Spring & Oracle Weblogic SCA' and click Next:
  4. Click Finish:
  5. Confirm when asked for restarting JDeveloper.
Update 2014-12-01, last week I also found this document on oracle support to do a clean of your jdeveloper.


asdf said...

Same problem here, on OSX (Mavericks AND Yosemite).
But i cant find the Spring update, it is also missing.

Anonymous said...

I'm no Mac-user. I could only suggest to post your question to the soa-forum on

Anonymous said...

You probably should use the Oracle BPM Suite quickstart instead of SOA Suite.
Check out here:

Unknown said...

Thank you. It's weird how sometimes it gets installed correctly without having to do any of this. This was very helpful

manasmaity said...

I was also missing the BPM application wizard and following your instruction, it's there now.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I was also missing the BPM Application feature and I had installed many times Jdeveloper using bpmqs (quickstart) with no luck at all.
Eventually the problem was that I already had other Middleware installations and the bpmqs Jdeveloper was starting with the SOA Jdeveloper options of another instance of Middleware that took from the default mywork location (Windows C:/Jdeveloper/mywork)

The solution is pretty simple, just edit C:\Oracle\Middleware12cBPM\jdeveloper\ide\bin\ide.boot and add another location for a new workspace:

ide.user.dir.var = IDE_USER_DIR
ide.user.dir = c:/JdevBPM/mywork

Hope it helps

Martien van den Akker said...

Many thanks for the great tip!


a said...


I am using 12.2.1 JDeveloper and required extension doesn't appear in updates available screen.

Martien van den Akker said...


I haven't been able to do a 12.2.1 install yet. But did you pick the SOASuite Quickstart install ( Or did you install the vanilla or studio version of JDeveloper? You should pick the SOASuite Quickstart install.


Mahesh Padamatinti said...

Guillermo Solla Charro Great help and answer and it worked ...

Mahesh Padamatinti said...

Guillermo Solla Charro Great answer .. it worked

haris raheem said...

i am missing the BPM project from gallery and applications.
i have tried to do the path change in ide.boot and also added the spring and SCA extension under updates.
it still doesn't work and i have no clue what it might be. can anyone specify any debug steps to narrow down the issue?

Anonymous said...

Guillermo Solla Charro Thanks for the worked

Unknown said...

from same update menu I've installed BPM Suite and it helped me.

Unknown said...

Guillermo Solla Charro - thanks for a solution. I had several installations (SOA Suite versions) on my MacOs and it seems all of them used the same workspace location. Once I created separate one - it worked.