Monday 15 September 2008

Multicast DNS reprise

This weekend I had to reinstall my laptop. Maybe I could have repaired it, but I had some problems with a partition, had a partion with windows that I hardly used but was taking space and OpenSuse 11 was out for a while. So I desided to reinstall my laptop but now with OpenSuse 11.

Of course doing such a rigorous action will drive you in those problems you solved before and one of those are my Multicast DNS problems I wrote about earlier. But simply turning off the Avahi deamos did not help. I had to do another thing.

Luckily I found pretty quick another tip from the I added the following line to my /etc/host.conf file:
mdns off

This helped. Being able to write this blog-entry is the proof.

I had to disable the avahi-services also. Apparently adding the line in the /etc/host.conf is an additional action.

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