Tuesday 2 September 2008

Java Swing XML Editor and Tester

Today I fine-tuned my XML Editor and Testing tools that I published earlier. The main improvements are that I integrated the XML Editor in my XMLTesting tool. For this I had to enhance and restructure my XML Editor to make it a "plugable" JPanel. Another thing is that I had to make sure that changes in one panel is propagated to the central File-Objects. This latter need some improvements because the capturing of the window-change-events are aparently not so evident in Java Swing. And also I keep copies of the File Objects. I need to improve that in the near future.
You can download my xml-editor here. And the xmltesting-tool here. Just unpack the zips into a directory and adapt the scripts (I included a windows bat file and a linux shell script) so that the your java virtual machine is referenced properly. Maybe I should change it so that it relies on having java in your path.

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