Friday 13 February 2009

Darwin IT: Ready for a good start in 2009!

Actually we are quite some time "under way" (Dutch saying) in 2009.
We started this year with a new website. Take a look And we're proud of the result. We hope you like the design and that this new site is a good starting point for you to learn about our services that we can offer you.

Slowly we transform the layout of our weblog to get it inline with the website layout. Today's transformation is a start. But in the end it's about the content and I hope we can offer you many thoughts and experiences the rest of this year. Because it also means that we learned a lot new things ourselves.

And that is also inline with 2009 being declared as the Darwin-year: together get smarter, to get the IT- (and especially the Oracle-) Community fitter for survival.

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