Tuesday 15 September 2009

How new is new with Oracle-Sun?

Yesterday I got the announcement of an innovative new product of Oracle with Sun: "Announcing the World’s First OLTP Database Machine with Sun FlashFire Technology".
Immediately I thought: how new? Where did I hear that before? Oh yeah, last year around Open World, the database-machine with HP. I already found the announcement of the Sun-acquisition by Oracle remarkable regarding this database machine. Apparently the new thing is in the Sun FlashFire Technology and that they now specifically talk about OLTP (I can't remember if they named the Oracle-HP Database machine explicitly as such).

Later in the day I also found a declaration that Oracle is fastest on Sun hardware. This was to state that it is serious with Oracle to embrace the Sun technology. "Oracle and Sun together are hard to match." the announcement states. Oracle is going to proof with benchmarks that the world is better off with the Oracle-Sun mariage.

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