Sunday 22 November 2009

Back to OpenSuse 11.1

Last week I encountered some troubles with my OpenSuse 11.1 installation. Apparently something in wine and else got corrupt. I had some idea's what might have caused it, but was not sure. Although I found some entries comparable to the errors I had, I could not find a sufficient solution. Since OpenSuse 11.2 turned out to be released recently, I thought: "let's give that one a shot". Everything installed smoothly.

Of course I had to install the native NVidia driver again using the one click install. OpenSuse does not ship the propietry drivers, but does provide a simple install-solution.
The multi-media support (escpecially flash and mp3) for 11.2 is installed via this post.

However after some strubbling I came to the conclusion that VMware Server 2.0.x just won't work under 11.2. The rpm does install, but the hits several nasty compile-errors. Apperently the kernel is just too new for VMWare. I found some scripts to repair the install, based on the tar.gz-deployment. But they were mainly focussed on Ubuntu, doing some preparartions using the Ubuntu package-manager. So I re-installed 11.1.
First I tried to upgrade KDE to 4.3, but that did not work well. So the third time I just installed 11.1-vanilla.
A one-click-install for multimedia support voor 11.1 I found here (basically the same blog that posted the one-click-install for 11.2.

A lass: OpenSuse 11.2 worked really fine: my laptop ran like a sun (there is a great commercial on Wind-energy on Dutch television. With an older man that hosts city-trips for foreigners. He talks really Dutch English with litterly translated Dutch sayings on wind. My favorite: "I think You think they smell an hour in the wind"). But to me VMware is a real must.
Especially this week: I'll deliver an OPN Bootcamp on AIA in De Meern, the Netherlands, from tommorow (mentioned dates are wrong: it's this week). It's based on a VMware image with an SoaSuite+AIA installment for the labs. If you're interested: there still are some seats available.

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