Thursday 26 May 2016

How to clear MDS Cache

In the answer on a question on, I found the following great tip:

In 12cR2 this looks like:
1. Start System MBean Browser; In Domain, pull down the Weblogic Domain menu and choose 'System MBean Browser':

2. Browse for the Application Defined Beans:

3. Expand it and navigate to oracle.mds.lcm, choose server (AdminServer or SOAServer1)
 4. Navigate to the node Application em (AdminServer) or soa-infra (SOAServer) -> MDSAppRuntime -> MDSAppRuntime. Click on the tab Operations, and then on clearCache

5. Click on Invoke:

Then the following confirmation is shown:

By the way, often a redeploy of the SOA Composite that calls the WSDL or other artefact helps. But unfortunately not always.


Anonymous said...

I agree that clear cache for updating MDS is working like this. I did in my EM console after reimported MDS but it didn't work. Do you have any suggestion?

I just wanted to refresh MDS without restarting domain or disabled/enabled composites.


Anonymous said...


I have the same experience, it does not work always.
A redeployment of referencing composites would work.
You could also create a question on in the SOA forum.