Friday 24 June 2016

ServiceBus 12c: Logging

As a developer you probably 'log-a-lot' in OSB. (Funny term, perfectly to mock people that have the tendency to excessively add log activities/statements to their code. And hey, if you're being mocked like this: I'm happy to join you, let's make it a 'Geuzennaam').

So as a log-a-lot, I was questioned by a OSB developer this week on a OSB11g->SB12c upgrade that I support, that his logs weren't visible in the server-logs in de 12cR2 SOAQuickStart Integrated Weblogic.

We reviewed the logging settings of the server, all set on Debug.

But it turns out that in the SB Logging configuration in EM all is set to Warning (Inherited).

To check it out, go to http://localhost:7101/em (on a default configured SOA QuickStart Integrated Weblogic domain).

Click on the Target Navigator and Navigate to soa-infra->Service Bus.

Then in the Service Bus menu, navigate to Logs ->  Log Configuration:

Then you need the Log-Levels tab:
Here you see that you can set another level on different SB subsystems. It can be interesting to check out some of those. For instance, I think it was oracle.osb.debug.instancetracking (but I'm not sure, I checked several of them) enable the logging of message contents and variable changes. You see that all the log-level settings are set to Warning, inherited from the level above.

But the one that is of interest for the pipeline-logging is oracle.osb.logging.pipeline:
Set that one on Trace. I used TRACE:16 (FINER). But it turns out that the levels here are different from those in the pipeline log activity and that of those of  the WebLogic Server logs. I haven't got a mapping at hand, but this one let's Debug messages through.

Hit the apply button top right:

This should enable the logging of the Pipeline.

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