Monday 23 July 2018

FMW July 2018 patchesets for 11g and 12c releases

I just noticed via  that bundlepatches and patchset updates for several products in the FusionMiddleware portfolio are released. And thus also for SOA and BPM Suite. You can read more on it in this blog.

Since SOA/BPM Suite is around for quite some time (since fall 2017 I believe) and I've not heard on a or even 18.x release, I found this quite important. So I took a quick look in the patch set for SOASuite and found some interesting patches. I'd recommend applying this one, where some patches seem to apply for the QuickStart as well.

If you're on or earlier, I surely recommend upgrade to and apply this patch set.

Don't spend your summer vacation for it, but schedule it for applying it first thing at return. Or better: do it right before you leave!

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