Thursday 1 September 2016

The third one on Creating weblogic user, now for SOA Suite

A few months ago I figured out how to create specific users with restricted access to Service Bus components. I blogged about it in part 2 of creating WebLogic users for ServiceBus 12c. But the series lacks an explanation on restricted user access on SOASuite.

Today in a question about Roles on Oracle Community Forums, the reference to this elaborate blog entry was given: Restricted View, by Antony Reynolds.

I think that blog explains it well. Unfortunately the link to 7.2 Partition Roles, Anthony mentioned, did not work. What I found (12.1.3) is 7.3 Securing Access to Partitions (12.1.3) and 7.3 Securing Access to SOA Folders (12.2.1). (Apparently from 12.2.1 onwards, partitions are called SOA folders...)

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