Friday 2 September 2016

.... this is only a psuedo object?

Yesterday I was working on a BPEL project that I created before the summer holidays. I wanted to implement it further. But on first redeployment I ran into:
[12:18:01 PM] ----  Deployment started.  ----
[12:18:01 PM] Target platform is  (Weblogic 12.x).
[12:18:01 PM] Running dependency analysis...
[12:18:01 PM] Building...
[12:18:08 PM] Deploying profile...
[12:18:09 PM] Wrote Archive Module to D:\Projects\2016DWN\SOASuite\HRApplication\DWN_CdmHR\trunk\SOA\DWN_CdmHR\CDMHRDomainService\deploy\sca_CDMHRDomainService.jar
[12:18:18 PM] Deploying sca_CDMHRDomainService.jar to partition "default" on server SoaServer1 [http://darlin-vce-db.darwin-it.local:8001]
[12:18:18 PM] Processing sar=/D:/Projects/2016DWN/SOASuite/HRApplication/DWN_CdmHR/trunk/SOA/DWN_CdmHR/CDMHRDomainService/deploy/sca_CDMHRDomainService.jar
[12:18:18 PM] Adding sar file - D:\Projects\2016DWN\SOASuite\HRApplication\DWN_CdmHR\trunk\SOA\DWN_CdmHR\CDMHRDomainService\deploy\sca_CDMHRDomainService.jar
[12:18:18 PM] Preparing to send HTTP request for deployment
[12:18:18 PM] Creating HTTP connection to host:darlin-vce-db.darwin-it.local, port:8001
[12:18:18 PM] Sending internal deployment descriptor
[12:18:19 PM] Sending archive - sca_CDMHRDomainService.jar
[12:18:19 PM] Received HTTP response from the server, response code=500
[12:18:19 PM] Error deploying archive sca_CDMHRDomainService.jar to partition "default" on server SoaServer1 [http://darlin-vce-db.darwin-it.local:8001] 
[12:18:19 PM] HTTP error code returned [500]
[12:18:19 PM] Error message from server:
There was an error deploying the composite on SoaServer1: Deployment Failed: Error occurred during deployment of component: HREmployeeProcess to service engine: implementation.bpel, for composite: CDMHRDomainService: ORABPEL-05215

Error while loading process.
The process domain is encountering the following errors while loading the process "HREmployeeProcess" (composite "default/CDMHRDomainService!1.0*soa_6e4206b5-3297-4f53-9944-734349aed8ab"): this is only a psuedo object.
This error contained an exception thrown by the underlying process loader module.
Check the exception trace in the log (with logging level set to debug mode). If there is a patch installed on the server, verify that the bpelcClasspath domain property includes the patch classes.
[12:18:19 PM] Check server log for more details.
[12:18:19 PM] Error deploying archive sca_CDMHRDomainService.jar to partition "default" on server SoaServer1 [http://darlin-vce-db.darwin-it.local:8001] 
[12:18:19 PM] Deployment cancelled.
[12:18:19 PM] ----  Deployment incomplete  ----.
[12:18:19 PM] Error deploying archive file:/D:/Projects/2016DWN/SOASuite/HRApplication/DWN_CdmHR/trunk/SOA/DWN_CdmHR/CDMHRDomainService/deploy/sca_CDMHRDomainService.jar 

So the I was googling around, and found this blog entry. This one suggested a mismatch between the project and referenced wsdl's/xsd's in the MDS.

So I refreshed the MDS, restarted the whole SOA Server, but no luck.

At the doorstep of removing the lot of components and references, I decided to take a last closer look to the composite.xml.

The BPEL process component HREmployeeProcess had a reference to the service HREmployeeProcessSubscriber. The latter was based on a wsdl in the mds:
  <reference name="HREmployeeProcessSubscriber"
    <interface.wsdl interface=""/>
    < port=""
But in the reference in the bpel component it refered to the BPEL process on the server:
<reference name="HREmployeeProcessSubscriber"
        <interface.wsdl interface=""/>

Since the wsdl defined in the ui:wsdlLocation attribute needs to be available on compiling and loading of the component by the component-engine it's recommended to use a reference to an abstract wsdl in the mds. In this case I replaced the ui:wsdlLocation in the service reference by the mds. But apparently I forgot the BPEL Comnponent. To replace that, you should do this in the partnerlink definition in the BPEL Process. Because the composite.xml is automatically updated. Because the abastract wsdl lacks the partnerlink types, as you might know, JDeveloper suggests to create a wrapper wsdl for you.

Now, because of the synchronizations between bpel and the composite, you might need to hack the composite and the bpel process, to get things consistent again (at least I had to). But then, having it resolved, the composite was deployable again... And the BPEL process wasn't so pseudo anymore.

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