Wednesday 13 February 2008

Let the panes reappear in jDeveloper

Oh, how I struggled to get my log-messages-pane in jDeveloper to reappear. For some time (actually since I got my new Laptop from my new employer) I'm working with Ubuntu. And one of the problems I had with the move from Windows is to get jDeveloper working as it should: somehow I lost my log-messages-pane. Although I choose view->log many times, it did not reappear. On the jdeveloper forum I found at the end a thread solving this, right after I posted a question about it myself (yes, I did search the forum first, but just not thorough enough):

The solution is:
Search for the windowinglayout.xml. In my case it was found in:

After renaming/deleting it, I could get my log window again.

One remark: jDeveloper saves the file after closure. So first close jDeveloper and then remove the file.

Another: the tilde '~' stands for the current user's home folder under Linux. So under windows search for the jdevhome under 'My Documents' or Application Settings.


Anonymous said...

Lifesaving knowledge :) thx

Anonymous said...

Worked for me using JDev 11g. I went to the About menu to find my user directory; "ide.user.dir", and found the windowinglayout.xml file in the "o.ide" directory. Deleted it, restarted, and got my Structure window back!


Anonymous said...

My computer thanks you, it was on the verge of being tossed out a window.

jeanie said...

whew, thanks! I'd never lost my log pane before, and it was making my crazy!

Anonymous said...

Anvitha said..
Thank you very much.It worked for me.