Saturday 24 October 2015

SOASuite 12.2.1 Available

On the eve of OOW15, I read that Oracle Fusion Middleware 12.2.1 is released, including Oracle SOASuite, but apparently excluding BPM Suite.

You can download the quickinstaller here. Although it is not explicitly stated on the download pages and in the install guide, you'll need Java 8, update 51+ to install. Which is good news actually, because although Weblogic 12c was already Java 8 certified, and SQLDeveloper 4.1 was introduced on Java 8, SOASuite and BPM suite 12c (12.1.3) was not, and actually won't be (I presume).

You can check out the certification in the certification matrix of Fusion Middleware.

Happy OOW15 all the attendees at the other side of the 'big pool'. We'll guard the fortresses over here... ;)

Oh, and in my previous blog I posted about BPM 12.1.3 Bundle Patch 4, but that there was no BP4 yet for SOASuite. Now a moment ago, I saw since october 20th, there is one for SOASuite.

Tuesday 13 October 2015

SOA BPM 12c Bundelpatches

Earlier this year I wrote about some bugs and patches on SOA & BPM suite, I experienced, and the recommended patches I extracted from that journey. A few weeks ago I found that Jan van Zoggel wrote about the latest bundlepatches on SOA and BPM 12c.

It turns out that there are now 4 Bundlepatches:

  • Bundle patch 1: Patch 19707784: SOA/BPM Bundle Patch
  • Bundle patch 2: Patch 20423408: SOA/BPM Bundle Patch
  • Bundle patch 3 for SOA: Patch 20900599: SOA Bundle Patch
  • Bundle patch 3 for BPM: Patch 20645340: BPM Bundle Patch
Jan mentioned that the both BP3's conflict with each other according to OPatch. So I assume that if you installed the SOA Quickstart you use the BP3 for SOA, and the BPM variant for the BPM Quickstart.

On downloading the Bundle patch 3 for BPM on, I got the message that it was supersededby Patch 21640312: BPM Bundle Patch, per 21-Aug-2015.
However for the Bundle patch 3 for SOA (20900599) I could not found an upgrade-patch yet.