Thursday 10 March 2011

Total Commander for Linux=>Krusader

Oh, how I love Total Commander. I never found a file-manager that is so powerful. And how I missed that under Linux. I work a few years with Linux now, but on my Linux I still have TotalCommander. It can browse through archives, it can FTP and it has tabs to quickly switch locations. And I find copying/moving using to panes much more convenient than the Windows Explorer way. I kind of hate Windows Explorer. KDE-Dolfin is better, but to me still too much Windows Explorer.

Today I looked at the Total Commander website, to see that there is a new version of it. I must admit that I have a new laptop with Windows 7/64bit. And one of the minor things that I miss in TC is that it's still 32 bit. It's not big of a problem, but in the context menu all the 64 bit tools (like svn) are under a sub-menu. That's a little inconvenient.

In the FAQ I saw that a Linux version of TC is postponed indefinitely. But that there is one recommended tool: Krusader. That I missed that until now! I installed it right away and at first glance indeed it is the first tool that I find comparable to TC. Tools like midnight commander and under Windows FreeCommander or other lookalikes aren't for me.

TC works under Wine, but not too optimal. Krusader however is native Linux. So I'm going to check that out. Just another reason to tempt me install OpenSuse over my Windows 7 system...

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