Thursday 28 May 2015

Quick-Tip: DIA with docked Toolbox

This week I was asked to create a component-diagram  at my new customer. They use DIA as an alternative for Visio. Funny thing is that it apparently orginated from Linux/Gnome, since the file-explorer resembles the File-browser of Gnome. But it has also a Windows installer.

When you start the tool from the windows menu, it's started with the toolbox docked or attached to the canvas. But when you use either dia.exe or diaw.exe from the command line, or as I wanted to do from the toolbar from TotalCommander, you get two seperate windows. One for the toolbox and one for the canvas. So how to start it with a docked toolbox? With a little trial&error I found the following command:
dia-win-remote.exe diaw.exe --integrated
In the bin folder of the Dia-installation-home, there is also a dia-win-remote.exe. It takes one of the other exe's (dia.exe or diaw.exe) as an input. If you add the option "--integrated" it will show the combined window.


java said...

you can also create shortcut with exe plus line args?

Martien van den Akker said...

Yes, of course. Create a link of the dia-win-remote.exe, edit the link and add diaw.exe --integrate to the command.