Friday 15 March 2019

JavaDB not bundled anymore with JDK 8, as of U181

Today I was struggling with helping a colleague with a deployment of a SOA Project of his.
I couldn't get it deployed. It seemed I hit the problem described here. However when trying to connect to my Derby DB I got the following error:

I was very surprised. I checked and double checked my config. And check the library:
So, I checked those folders and found that they're not existing!
Now searching around I found in these release notes that as of Update 181 (let it just be the case that I just had this version of the JDK!) Java DB isn't bundled anymore:

Following the links it turns out that you should download it here.

I choose the zip and copied and unzipped it into my jdk:
[oracle@darlin-vce jdk]$ cp /media/sf_Stage/OpenSource/JavaDB/db-derby-                                                                      .
[oracle@darlin-vce jdk]$ unzip
   creating: db-derby-
  inflating: db-derby-
  inflating: db-derby-
  inflating: db-derby-
  inflating: db-derby-

Then I moved/renamed the folder to 'db':
[oracle@darlin-vce jdk]$ mv db-derby- db
[oracle@darlin-vce jdk]$ ls db/lib/
derbyclient.jar        derbyLocale_it.jar     derbyLocale_zh_TW.jar
derby.jar              derbyLocale_ja_JP.jar  derbynet.jar
derbyLocale_cs.jar     derbyLocale_ko_KR.jar  derbyoptionaltools.jar
derbyLocale_de_DE.jar  derbyLocale_pl.jar     derbyrun.jar
derbyLocale_es.jar     derbyLocale_pt_BR.jar  derbytools.jar
derbyLocale_fr.jar     derbyLocale_ru.jar     derby.war
derbyLocale_hu.jar     derbyLocale_zh_CN.jar
[oracle@darlin-vce jdk]$

After this I'm able to connect to the JavaDB:

So, that was my discovery of the day!

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Thanks a lot!!! 🙏😃