My BPEL Blog

Welcome to my gathered articles on BPEL. It's an adventure to see where this leads. Hope you'll stick with me.

Unfortunately since I started this initiative, I got to work and write on Fusion Middleware Installation. It seems that this provided me of more content for a booklet.  I hope I can pick up this later on.

In the near future I'll try to come up with a more elaborate Content. For now I'll start with the basics, setting up SOASuite QuickStart, create and run a hello world process. And then cover the basics of the BPEL language. A first thought on chapters would be:
  1. Getting Started - Check out the HelloWorld article.
    1. Process Types & Partnerlinks
      1.  Modularizing your BPEL
        1. Adapters
        2. Business Rules
        3. Using the MDS
          1. Fault Handling & Debugging
            1. Service Lifecycle Management - Deploying your processes in the real world
            2. Monitoring BPEL
              1. BPEL & Java
                1. The more advanced stuff, some of which could cover a chapter on their own:
                  1. More on Partnerlinks: make them dynamic!
                  2. Create a Scheduler in BPEL (revamp my BPEL 1.1 (10g) BPEL Scheduler to 12c, as an alternative to Enterprise Schedule Services 12c.
                  3. Implementing a multi-operation WSDL: start with Pick!
                  4. Correlation Sets: react on external signals 
                  5. Transactions
                2. Differences between BPEL 1.1 & 2.0

                That will keep me busy for some time. So let's get started!

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