Saturday 7 March 2015

2015 OPN FMW Partner Forum: the coolest thing

This week I attended the Twentieth Oracle Partner Network Fusion Middleware Forum, this year in the Boscolo Hotel in Budapest, Hungary.

It was a great event, where a lot of subjects were covered, a lot of great people met. According to one of the product managers we were the smartest Oracle Region in the world (let's not uncover who said that...)

We've seen a lot of cool stuf. Let me try to put up a list. But it can't be anywhere near to complete.

The first day, tuesday the 3th there were some nice keynotes. With pretty interesting stuf, although it was a little dissapointing to here that Oracle's focus on BPM 12c the upcoming year or so, is on quality. Of course that's a good thing, but I concluded that it means that on the functionality side it's going to be quite silent. And that is a pity since they pushed very hard on ACM (Adaptive Case Management)  last 2 years. It means as well, I think, that ACM is not going to get in to the Process cloud for quite some time. And also that is 'not so cool', since I think ACM could be an important driver for the Process Cloud Services. Quite uncool thus.

What was very cool was the demo on Internet of Things, and the Stream Explorer. Also nice was the presentation on API catalog. Very cool, as always, was the presentation/demo on Mobile Application Framework, and Mobile Cloud Services, by Grant Roberts.

About Sub-zero-cool was the duo-hack&tation of the Rest/JSON support of 12c together with Mobile Application Framework by Lucas Jellema and Luc Bors. Great job guys.

But the coolest things weren't amongst these. Not even the presentations we aren't allowed to blog and tweet about. Not even the workshops we did that were so secret, that we were driven to the Oracle office and I can't remember how many times we were pressed not to tweet and blog about it and how many times we were told to delete the VM's afterwards.

Not even the great venue of the Bosocolo Luxury Residence:

No, to me, amongst the 2 coolest things was the run  I did on wednesday:

Which I started at the hotel, then ran right to the Donau, where there is this Island, that has an Atletics  area. Did a little round there and went back. It's about 7.5 to 8km. Unfortunately I did not time it, I think I did it in about 40 to 45 minutes.

But really the coolest thing was the final run I did today:

 The Pest-Buda-Pest run, where I crossed the Donau over the same bridge that I ran to on wednesday, then along the Donau, passing the castle and other very beautiful buildings and then cross the Donau again 2 bridges more to the south. I did this 9 km. in about 51 minutes:
My avarage heart-rate:

And the Calories I compensated on the diners:

And here my euforic proof that I really did the run:
 This was really the greatest moment of the week. In one and an half hour I'm of to the airport, nothing I see of do in the next hours can compete this!

Thanks Jürgen for the great week, next year I definately bring my running shoes again.

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