Friday 6 March 2015

API Catalog 12c is here

You do create services right? And your service portfolio grows and grows does it? Are they used by others? And do you know what services are already there in your organization? Oh, right, you did build up a list using Excel, didn't you? Of course, that's what I would do.

Unless I had a license on Oracle Enterprise Repository. Since then I already was alowed to use API Catalog.
Actually, I thaught the AIA11g training several times. And one of the  parts is harvesting your services into Oracle Enterprise Manager. Where you can do impact analasis on your services. It relates xsd's, wsdl's, composites (both EBS and ABCS) and interrelates them with eachother based on the AIA taxonomy. OER supports governance from the conception of services to the use in production of them. API Catalog does not support this whole lifecycle governance, but often that is to much for a customer. I would say, to me as  a developer/architect is would be. But API Catalog would help me to build up a light weight portfolio of my services at a customer.

I recognized OER bits and pieces and API catalog indeed uses that. It allows you to do a harvesting of your services from OSB and SOASuite using (about) the same harvesting scripts that are recognized from AIA.

This week on the OPN FMW Partner Forum 2015, I learned that many things we know from AIA11g are (going to be) build in the different products like SOASuite, the API/OER suite, etc. You could compare that to how things went with Oracle Designer and Headstart for Designer.

Other products in the API suite are:
  • Oracle API Manager is an addon to Service Bus. Is a Developer portal for Oracle Service Bus.
  • Oracle API Gateway is an OEM-ed product targeted to the DMZ to manage access to your services/API's and also has some API Management functionallity in its self.
 For now please install Catalog and harvest your services. Then you can copy and paste the descriptions from your Excel sheet or Wiki into API Catalog and in a later stage reuse them in API Manager. Then throw away your Excelsheet....

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