Tuesday 29 April 2008

Transferring files to vmware image

A workmate of mine told me that I should start using vmware server to be able to test several Oracle products. In this blog I will blog about my first steps on this path.
First of all I had to install the vmware software. Well that wasn't that difficult. Simply go to http://www.vmware.com/products/server/ register yourself and download the software.
Next step: install the software. This is not difficult as well. Just press [next] at lot of times. From the workmate I got an image with windows xp (and winzip!) on it. I started the image (double clicked the .vmx file) and pressed: Start this virtual machine. After a while the virtual machine was started. Then I faced my first problem. I wanted to install the Oracle SOA-suite. The day before I downloaded the software from otn.oracle.com. The zipfile was on my host machine (my laptop) but could not be accessed from the virtual machine. I could download it again of course but I thought there should be a better way. I had no internet connection as well at that moment. Installing a program like Filezilla is probably the smartest way of doing things like this, but no option at this moment because I had no internet connection.
Than I saw an option called CD-ROM on the VMWare Server Console. Double clicking on it gives you the option to select: [Use ISO image]. I pressed on the [browse] buttom after the option and I saw that I could browse to the file system on my laptop.
This was the solution. Using Nero I 'burned' an iso image from the dowloaded SOA-suite zip-file.
After that I started the vmware image with the iso file as cd-rom drive. This drive was available in the windows explorer on the virtual machine. I could unzip the SOA-suite zipfile and started installing the SOA Suite!


Anonymous said...

Thanks a LOT.
I have been trying to figure out a way for transferring files between my real and imaginary machines.
I tried Filezilla but could not get it to work

Martien van den Akker said...

For transferring files to a Windows-based Virtual Machine using Filezilla you'll need an FTP-server. Filezilla server does the job nicely.
You should download it from the Virtual machine and install it. This is quite easy. When you know the ip address of the VM you can connect to it.
To be able to download Filezilla you should either give your VM a Bridged or a Nat Network adapter. For uploading files to it, it's best to have a Host-only adapter.