Thursday 26 June 2008

OpenSuse 10.3 Kernel Update

Today the wonderfull OpenSuse Updater came with a kernel update. It's now running (dermined with uname -r).
Allthough that is probably great (I have no clue yet what this brings me) it got me two problems:
  • My wifi did not work any more
  • VMWare Console would not start any more
Luckily these problems turn out to have simple solutions.

This can besolved with my former OpenSuse 10.3 post: Go to the software management in Yast. Look for the ipw???? drivers and uncheck them. Make sure that you have the corresponding iwl???? drivers checked.

This is just as simple. Vmware is "woven" with your kernel. The command to start the console is "vmware". If you run it in the konsole, you get the message that the vmware is not configured with the current running kernel. So you have to run /usr/bin/ as root.

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