Wednesday 22 April 2009

The Oracle-Sun continuum

Today I got a mail from Charles Philips, President Oracle. Now I don't think I'm one of his favorite peers to ventilate information about his strategies. Probably many of you also got this mail.

In it he elaborated on the Sun Microsystems acquisition that I wrote about this monday. He sees Java and Solaris as the "Key software assets" in this aqcuisition. Besides of course the hardware. Since the whole Fusion Middleware Stack, and important parts of Oracle's Enterprise Software Portfolio, is build in Java, Oracle ensures the continue innovation and investment in Java technology. For the benefit of the customers and the Java community.

He also mentions that "The Sun Solaris operating system is the leading platform for the Oracle database. With the acquisition of Sun, Oracle can optimize the Oracle database for some of the unique, high-end features of Solaris. Oracle is as committed as ever to Linux and other open platforms, and will continue to support and enhance our strong industry partnerships." So, it seems that Solaris becomes the preferred platform again. With right after that Linux and other "open platforms". Will Oracle then stop supporting Windows? Or is Windows also considered to be "open"? I'm sorry, I'm really not that negative about Windows. I just like to make a little fun of it.

On you can read more about what Sun means to Oracle and their Customers and Partners. There you can find a pdf with a general presentation. In that it is stated that Oracle "Sustain Solaris as an industry standard OS for Oracle software".

I really hope that Oracle's acquisition is good for the future of Sun as a brand, that this works. It could bring interesting new features and functionality. It's fun to phylosofing about these things. And I wonder how it looks to see the Oracle logo in the installers of Java, besides the Sun and OpenOffice logo's.

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