Monday 12 December 2011

SoapUI: Properties from test Suite

In my previous post I showed how to get a file from a script in SoapUI. One of the parts on building the filepath of the file to load was a property from the mockService. The same thing is possible from a test suite. There are several places at which you can define properties. Amongst them is the TestSuite.

To get the properties from a test suite, you have to "get" it. To get the test suite on which you defined the properties goes as follows:

def project = mockResponse.mockOperation.mockService.project
def testSuite = project.testSuites["TestSupport"]

The property can then be fetched with:

def filePath = testSuite.getPropertyValue( "responseFilePath")

Test cases are part of the testSuite and they can be fetched from an string-based array in the same manner as getting the testSuite:

def testCase = project.testSuites["TestSuite 1"].testCases["TestCase 1"]

Expanding SoapUI possibilities...

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