Monday 12 November 2012

Export Exception in B2B11g

Recently I renamed some docTypes in B2B11g because of a typo. Last week I wanted to export the repository to put it into subversion and to be able to propagate the implementation to the test environment.

But when exporting I ran into the following exception:
MDS-00001: exception in Metadata Services layer MDS-00511: failure to create document /soa/b2b/Custom/DocVersion_V1.2/MyAcknowledgementDocType /MyAcknowledgement /MyAcknowledgement.xsd 
\DocVersion_V1.2\MyAcknowledgementDocType \MyAcknowledgement \MyAcknowledgement_1p2.xsd 
C:\Windows\TEMP\Export817535\soa\b2b\Custom\DocVersion_V1.2\MyAcknowledgementDocType \MyAcknowledgement \MyAcknowledgement_1p2.xsd (The system cannot find the path specified)

What I actually did in the renaming was to create a new doctype with docdefinition, along the incorrect ones, with copy/pasting the oldnames and changing the typo (...Acknowlegdement... into ...Acknowledgement...). But apparently I got an extra trailingspace in my new name.  It appeared in two docTypes.

I removed the deployments of the particular agreements, removed the document registrations at the Trading Partners (both host and remote) and then removed the DocType under the Administration/Documents menu.

After that I could create the documentTypes again (now payed extra attention to possible trailing spaces), recreated the document registration at the partners and the agreements. After that I could export the repository succesfully again.

Bottom line: you apparently can have trailing spaces in the names, but this will lead into export errors...

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