Friday 29 March 2013

Transparent replacement of Oracle workflow in Oracle Forms Applications by SOA

Yesterday I did a presentation about a project I did last year, where we replaced Oracle Workflow in an Oracle Forms application by SOASuite.
Often Oracle Workflow standalone edition, is used closely integrated within an Oracle Forms/Reports application. This means that you'll run in several issues:

  1. How do you start the proces in SOASuite from your Forms or database triggers?
  2. How do you handle end-user interactions: create notifications/tasks to your end users?
  3. What to do with the process-block activity?
  4. What to do with the automatic activities: the custom application services you call from the workflow process?
  5. And how to transform your workflow process to BPEL?
Then there were two main issues:
  1. Reset & Restart functionality, a.k.a. Expedite in Workflow
  2. Long running database transactions
About the latter I wrote two articles how we solved that technically:
I tried to upload my presentation to SlideShare, but that did not work properly. But the pdf of the presentation can also be found on the website of the Oracle Usersgroup Holland.
For non-Dutch visitors: it's in Dutch.

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