Friday 8 November 2013

Integrate BI-Publisher with OEM12c

Regularly I create VM's for courses as a 'Virtual Course Environment'. Earlier I did an install of Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c. But now there was a request for an integrated BI Publisher install.

Having an OEM12c install, the integration with BI Publisher with OEM12c is pretty straightforward. The install guide for this integration can be found here. This guide is part of the OEM12c version, and for that version Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g version is required.

My OEM12c install is of version, so one patch set newer. Apparently the current OEM12c release is (as of november '13).

The release of BI-Publisher can be downloaded here. I initially installed the current release that I downloaded here. However, when I ran the configureBIP script, from {OEM12c Home}/oms/bin, I got the following error:
[oracle@darlin-vce-db bin]$ ./configureBIP
Error: This script requires that BI EE Version "" be installed, but "" has been installed
So it's important to note that OEM12c install is of version expects Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g version

By the way, the BI Publisher integration guide of OEM12c release  is found here. And 'surprisingly' it indeed states that it expects BI-Publisher So, I could have known...

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