Monday 29 June 2015

Deployment plan of resource adapter missing

Today I was struggling with my OSB domain. Last week I switched laptops and did a new OSB installation on my new laptop and thought it was smart to just zip the OSB Domain from my old laptop to unzip it on my new laptop.

What I forgot was to copy the adapter plan.xml from the oracle home on my old laptop. So the resource adapter did not start correctly. It was even not editable, since it required the missing adapter plan. Searching the domain on files containing the name of the plan brought me to editing the config.xml of the domain.

For all the resource adapters you'll find entries like:
    <plan-dir xsi:nil="true"></plan-dir>
If you compare this to an entry that was not edited before, for instance, the AQ Adapter, you'll find that the other Adapter lacks the elements for  plan-dir and plan-path. So I deleted those and restarted my domain. When I edited the adapter again, it asked for the plan name again, as it would on editing it for the first time. Nice thing is that the default/demo entries were there again. So I only had to edit my own custom datasource and was on track again.

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