Thursday 2 November 2017

Enable WebService test client on SOA/BPM production mode environments

At my current assignment I need to trouble shoot the identity service because of a BPM->OID coupling. I use the support document 1327140.1 for it, that suggest to test http://<soa-server>:<port>/integration/services/IdentityService/identity

Doing so in a production mode soa or bpm environment, you'll soon find out that it uses the WebService test client via uri /ws_utc, and that this does not work. Resulting in http-404 Not found errors.

First I found a blog of Maarten of Amis mentioning this as well. But unfortunately, he could not get around it either. But luckily I found note 1915317.1, that tells me that the WebServices test Client is not enabled by default.

You can enable it on your domain via the EM:

And then expand the Advanced node:

Check the 'Enable Web Service Test Page' check box.

Since it is about a production mode environment, you need to 'lock & edit'. The note suggests to do that in the /console and then do the change in /em. And back in /console do the activate. I found that peculiar, since you can do it in the change center in /em as well.

You need to restart the servers (apparently including the AdminServer) to get this in effect.

So now lunch and check if my restart worked.

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