Friday 9 February 2018

How to install the Notepad++ 64-bit plugin manager

I'm a Notepad++ fan for years. And as soon as a 64-bit version arose I adopted it.
But since a few months I have a new laptop, and I apparently didn't get the plugin manager with the latest new install.  And only now I took the opportunity to sort it out and write about it.

I found that the plugin manager is available since April 2017 on GitHub, version 1.49. I downloaded the zip from the mentioned location, I choose the _x64 version:
Then unzipped it into my Notepad++ folder:

Then started Notepad++ and the plugin manager appears:

So now I can format my XML files again...

Update 2018-07-03: latest release can be found directly here.


Jalex said...

Hello. I was able to install, but after choosing some plungins, the pluginmanager could not install them.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. This helped

. said...

@Jalex It works, should work! Perhaps check if you've got the right version, 32-bit, or 64-bit; of Notepad++ and the Plugin Manager. Maybe there's a firewall rule blocking downloads? For example, COMODO shows 'em to be separate programs, three in total: 1) notepad++.exe and 2) GUP.exe and: 3) gpup.exe

Anonymous said...

I've downloaded and installed the pluginmanager twice, but it doesn't show up on the plugin menu. I have Notepad++ 64-bit v7.6.2. I restart NPP each time.

Anonymous said...

Typical. Check the version of the plugin manager. Did you download the latest 64-bit plugin manager?