Tuesday 13 January 2009

Better GMail and GCal

GMail and GCal on-line are great apps from Google. But the user experience can be even better with two smart add-ons: Better GMail 2 and Better GCal. You can download those for FireFox here:
They provide Greasmonkey java-scripts packaged into a separate Add-On.

The great thing on GCal is that you can create several calendars and share each one of them with a different set of peers. So I drum in a combo and I created a seperate calendar for that combo and invited the members to it. Each event in that calendar is available to all of them (provided that they create a Google-account).

But you can also add public calendars. I added for example:
  • Basis school vakanties midden nederland (2006 - 2009)
  • Joodse Feestdagen NL
  • NL vakanties en feestdagen
  • Week Numbers
If you add them to your on-line calender you can also go to the calendar settings. There you get the calendar-addresses also for the added public calendars. Here it becomes handy, because with the Google Calendar Plugin for Thunderbird/Lighting and Sunbird you can add these also to Lightning and Sunbird. Just create a new calendar in Lightning/Sunbird following the steps in my previous post and provide the link from the XML-button in the calendar settings. You'll be asked for a username/password, just provide your own gmail-account credentials.

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