Thursday 8 January 2009

Explore your Windows Processes

Many consultants that use Windows find that the Taskmanager of windows is pretty rudimentary. Also you might have encountered that files are locked by processes that you're not aware of. Or process that you can't manage to kill using Taskmanager. Then the Process explorer tool of Sysinternals is very usefull. Sysinternals is now part of Microsoft (already since a few years) but the tool is still available for free. It is such a great tool that I recommend to replace the taskmanager by it.

You can download the tool at

For our dutch readers I have an article on Process Explorer that I wrote a few years ago. You can download it here.

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Eric Elzinga said...

Usefull tool indeed! Already have been using it for years. I use it also to see the running processes together with their vendor and the location on filesystem. Once in a while some weird background-processes can be found there ;)