Wednesday 23 March 2016

Enable Process Analytics in BPM12c

To be able to use BAM12c together with BPM12c, you'll need to enable process analytics. This means that only when that is enabled BAM12c will write the sample data to the proces cubes/star schema.

To do so you'll need to go to the enterprise manager (eg. http://darlin-vce-db:7001/em). Then open up the System MBean Browser. This can be started from the soa-infra:

And than from the SOA Infrastructure -> Administration -> System MBean Browser:

However, you can also start it a little quicker from the Weblogic Domain menu:
In the MBean Browser look for 'Application Defined MBeans':
Than look for ''-> 'your server' -> AnalyticsConfig -> analytics:

Then in the pane make sure that both 'DisableAnalytics' and 'DisableProcessMetrics' are set to false:

 And click 'Apply'.

Above you'll see the layout of 12.2.1, but in 12.1.3 it works the same. Restart the SOA Server after that.

I'm not the first one to write about these changes, but I found that you can only update these fields if you have started the BAM server at least once. Apparently the BAM Server registers itself so that only after that you can update and apply these attributes.

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