Monday 19 November 2018

URL Resolving in an Enterprise Deployment

A few blogs ago I wrote about issues we encountered with persistence of settings in an Enterprise Deployment with seperate Admin and Managed Server domains.

For one of the problems, the  mdm-url-resolver.xml, used to store the Global Tokens, we had a Service Request with support. After over a year, we got an answer from development, that as per design SOA updates will only update the mdm-url-resolver.xml in the soa managed server.

Besides the workaround in my previous article, there is a Java custom system property that refers to the mdm-url-resolver.xml you want to use: 

With this property set, SOA Suite will use this file, and does not have it affacted by the domain config.
I did not try it myself yet, but I think it is advisable to put this file on a shared disk. Otherwise you would need to create a copy of it for each managed server and update every one.
Unfortunately I did not find this Java system property in the documentation. I did find a blog that mentions it, but not where can be found the documentation.

So, for global tokens this seems a workable approach. But the same behavior we saw with the UMS Driver property files. I don't have a property like this for those property files. As soon as I find it, I will update this blog post.

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